Bad Girl




“I’m a bad girl,” Selena bit her lip as she hit send on her phone. She closed her eyes and ran one hand across her bare stomach, tensing as she waited for a response.

Justin glanced down at his phone, opening the text message from Selena and widening his eyes slightly. He half listened as Scooter and several other executives continued to discuss sales and numbers. He found it hard to concentrate on the meeting at hand as he gazed at the shining picture Selena had sent him. 

She was leaning against a police car, a loose robe hanging against her body, falling open and revealing a bright bikini. Her breasts swelled against the orange material and her toned stomach called to him through the small phone screen. He swallowed a lump in his throat as his eyes traveled down her shapely legs to find the caption she had included, ‘I’m a bad girl’. Had the photo not been so incredibly sexy, Justin probably would have chuckled at Selena’s attempt to sound seductive. But the photograph was extremely sexy and Justin felt his neck flush as he continued to stare at her form.   

“You look hot baby,” he typed his message quickly before hitting send and sucking in a deep breath.

“Justin, I am so, so bad…” Selena response was quick and bold. Justin blinked in surprise before sighing to himself.

“I’m in the middle of a meeting with Scooter,” he explain reluctantly. Selena was obviously in a very playful mood, and normally Justin would jump at the chance to take advantage of that. But given their current situation, her mood was slightly bittersweet. They were hundreds of miles apart and he was confined in a cramped office with several serious business men. 

“Am I interrupting your meeting? I told you I was bad,” she replied. Her response was uncharacteristically persistent and Justin felt his pants tighten. He took a moment to glance at Scooter and found that the older man was engrossed in the discussion at hand, barley registering Justin’s distracted behavior.  

“I will call you when the meeting is over,” Justin punched the keys of his phone in frustration. 

“I don’t know if I can wait that long,” As his eyes danced across her message, Justin could almost hear her breathing the words into his ear. His entire body felt alive and vibrant.

“Selena…” His warning felt weak, even in his own mind. She knew that he would cave. How could he resist the blatant desire she was boldly displaying. How could he resist her wicked pleas? How could he resist her?

“Am I bothering you? You should punish me,” Selena was so completely lost in a haze of lust and need, that she could barley register the messages she was sending. Her breathing was shallow as she felt herself grow more and more desperate. She knew she was unable to see him in person, to feel him against her. But she needed to hear his voice. 




“What the hell are you doing?” Justin swallowed, pacing the empty bathroom and glancing towards the clock on the wall. He ran a hand through his hair and shook his head. He had excused himself from the meeting, claiming that he needed to use the bathroom. Seconds after he had entered the empty room, he had called her on his phone in frustration.  

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Jay,” she whispered, her voice innocent and playful. 

“Selena, I’m in a fucking meeting,” he groaned, leaning his head again a bare wall and gripping his free hand into a fist. He had contemplated shutting his phone off and ignoring her completely. But the thought of her desperate and horny, even hundreds of miles away, was too much for him to resist.

“You sound tense baby,” she giggled softly. 

“Jesus…” he mumbled. 

“I miss you,” she whispered breathlessly. “I miss your eyes and your hands, and your mouth,” she continued, her eyes fluttering shut as she concentrated on the sound of his voice.

“What are you doing?” he wondered dangerously.

“Mmm. Nothing,” her voice was low and wispy. Justin recognized the traces of an underlying moan lacing every syllable that slid past her full lips. He cleared his throat, feeling uncomfortably warm, even as he leaned against the cool bathroom wall.   

“What are you, what are you wearing?” he managed. 

“Nothing,” she repeated, barley containing a lustful whimper. 

“Selena, I’m in the middle of a meeting right now,” he mentioned, his voice almost a whine.

“I know. But knowing that there are people in the next room is just making me wetter,” she admitted, biting her lip in anticipation. Justin slammed his eyes shut, feeling himself grow hard as her words washed over him.

“Are you touching yourself?” he question, the words pouring from his mouth before he could stop himself. He knew that he had helped push her just over the edge. Just far enough that it would be cruel to leave her hanging. 

“Yes,” she breathed.

“Where are your hands?” he muttered, staring at the clock and doing his best to distract himself from the stampede of thoughts that were filling his mind.  

“Between my legs,” she replied honestly. 

“Fuck. How close are you?” Justin focused on breathing evenly, his eyes wandering to the clock and wondering how much time he had left before Scooter came looking for him. 

“So close. So, so close Justin. I was thinking about you…” she sighed softly.

“What were you thinking about?” he encouraged. He moved towards the sink and turned the cold water on carefully. Dipping his free hand into the cool water, he splashed some on his face and let out a harsh breath.

“Your hands touching my skin. Your mouth, sucking that spot on my neck. The one that makes me go crazy,” she made a small noise in the back of her throat and Justin continued to run his hand under the cool water. 

“If I was with you right now, you would be up again a wall and I would be touching every inch of you,” he bit out sharply. 

“Really?” she breathed, her voice almost a whisper.

“I would be inside of you, making you scream…” he continued, rubbing his eyes with one hand and staring at the clock anxiously. 

“Oh God,” she moaned, her breathing loud on the other end of the phone. The veins in Justin’s arms popped up as he tensed his body. He knew that she was close. He could hear it in her voice and feel it in his blood.

“Go deeper, faster…” he urged, doing his best not to picture her face. If he thought about what she looked like right now, he would be pushed to the point of no return. And as much as he wanted to give in to his natural desires, he knew that he had to wait.

“Yes,” her breathing quickened and her voice raised slightly. 

“Come on baby,” he whispered, his voice deep.

“Justin…” her voice floated through the phone as an orgasm flooded her body, sending her nerve into overdrive. Justin’s jaw clenched as she breathed his name and made an appreciative noise in the back of her throat. “Thank you,” she panted. 

“Send me a picture. I want to see how you look right now, in this moment. And when I’m finished with my meeting, I’m going to call you and we are going to finish this,” he insisted. 

“Absolutely,” she grinned.

“You’re killing me, you know that right?” he sighed in exhaustion.  

“I love you,” she smiled lightly.

“I love you too. But I really need to go now Sel,” he muttered. 

“Think about me?” she wondered, an air of something more underlying her word.

“It’s kind of impossible not to,” he groaned.




Based On : So this is pure smut. It was originally going to be something more, but this is what it turned into. Don’t judge me. Well, judge me if you want. Whatever. I would like to reiterate that when I am writing about Justin and Selena, I am viewing them as characters, not actual people, which they are. I make no claim to understand or know what they are like or what they do in real life.
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